Integrated Cleaning Solutions

Environmental Policy


Graemes Integrated Cleaning Solutions Pty Ltd, trading as Integrated Cleaning Solutions hereby referred to as ICS is committed to conducting our business in an environmentally aware and responsible manner. We seek the co-operation of our employees in ensuring our work practices are conducted with minimal environmental impact.


ICS will implement systems to decrease the volume of waste we generate.

Where practical we will use environmentally appropriate packaging and will recycle wherever possible.

We seek the assistance of our employee’s to minimise our environmental impact.

Where possible washing company plant and vehicles in the designated areas.

Where there are no designated areas for washing plant and vehicles ensure it is done away from driveways, gutters and roads so the run-off will not enter storm water drains.

When performing services that include water usage and waste water, by adhering to ‘Operators are licensed under the Environmental Protection Act 1994 to discharge treated waste water at an acceptable environmental standard into waterways’ ICS hopes to leave our clients sites both clean and contamination free.

Where declared weeds occur on the job site ensure all soil and seeds are removed from plant and vehicles so transference of the weeds is avoided.

Only mix chemicals in the designated areas.

Dispose of chemicals as per the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

Never wash chemicals down drains or gutters.

Where a chemical spill has occurred contain and clean up the spill by following the directions on the MSDS.

Remove all rubbish and waste from the work area and dispose of it appropriately.

Where practical take steps to prevent soil erosion.

Wherever possible reduce the impact of your work on native flora and fauna (e.g.- noise, dust).

Recycle at every available opportunity.

ICS seeks to identify our environmental impact and any potential risks at all our locations and implement control measures for any potential hazards.

ICS uses sustainable solutions to ensure it environmental footprint is as small as possible.

Review Date: 25th January 2019
Last Review: 25th July 2018
Reviewed By: Graeme Cary