Integrated Cleaning Solutions

Occupational Health and Safety Standards


Graemes Integrated Cleaning Solutions Pty Ltd, trading as Integrated Cleaning Solutions hereby referred to as ICS intends to operate our business in a manner which ensures the safety and well-being of our employees’, clients and visitors.

It is our objective to ensure that all employees’ are properly trained to operate in all areas of our business in a safe and professional manner. At ICS we believe in constant improvement.

ICS Pty Ltd seeks your co-operation in realising our health and safety aims and objectives in creating a safe working environment for all of our stakeholders.


Safety rules are introduced by ICS to ensure yours and the public safety and must be observed at all times.

All employees must familiarise themselves with the emergency response procedures.

Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (e.g. hard hat, safety glasses etc) must be worn at all times. (Where applicable)

Jewellery and ties must be removed and long hair tied back before using machinery.

Employee’s children are not permitted in the workplace unless prior authorisation has been granted by management.

No pets in the workplace.


Foolish or irresponsible behaviour, practical joking which may result in an accident/issue or reflect poorly on ICS or their client is strictly forbidden.

If you consider any workmate or contractor to work in an unsafe manner, please contact the Manager immediately.

Climbing on chairs or on office furniture is strictly prohibited.

House Keeping

Work areas must be kept clean and tidy at all times, hereby referred to a jobs housekeeping.

Flammable materials and fire hazards must be eliminated or adequate protection is taken.

Any spills in the workplace must be cleaned up immediately and floors kept clear of obstructions.

All equipment must be maintained and presentable at all times.


All accidents, incidents, near misses and equipment malfunctions or necessary repairs, must be reported and logged in the OHS diary. This enables modifications to be made to our policies and is a way of measuring our safety performance.

All persons requiring first aid treatment must contact the first aid officer who will render the appropriate treatment and enter the details in the OHS diary first aid register.

Plant and Equipment

Your manager must be informed immediately should you consider any work practices or equipment unsafe.

All plant and equipment are to be used in a safe manner and in accordance with the manufacturers recommended use.

Only drivers who have undergone the appropriate assessment can operate machinery. (E.g. fork lift)

Seat belts must be worn where fitted.

Always use a ladder to access high places.

Electrical Safety

Be mindful of electrical safety.
Always keep power leads and appliances away from water.
Do not overload power points by using multiple power boards or double adapters.

Review Date:  25th January 2019
Last Review:  25th July 2018
Reviewed By:  Graeme Cary